Nancy Cupp

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Seventeen-year-old Arnold Lade is driving his father's semi when he loses control on a dangerous mountain pass. Arnold hates trucking; he has the talent to become a pro football player, but his father has other plans for him. With a father who's never home and a sick mother, Arnold learns fast how to get what he wants. When what he wants lands him in trouble, his father's attempt at discipline derails his life. Lessons learned on the road with his father give him an idea and an escape from trucking. Find out how Arnold manipulates his family and starts up a business that exploits women. You’ll grow to hate this character from Driving in Traffick, but this quick read will show you how he got so nasty.



This novella is an introduction to the second book in the Margret Malone series, Driving in Traffick. Blaize, an extraordinary athlete, has a chance to escape the devastation and poverty of her Louisiana bayou home. But first, she must battle the stereotype her family is forcing her to fit into. Unable to cope with abuse from her own brothers, Blaize runs away. She is desperate and hungry when a friendly man rescues her. Find out how quickly things change for her. Is this her salvation, or a trap? Can Blaize rise above her impossible situation to use her talent, or will she be lost in the depths of degradation? Feel the temperature rise with Blaize, then look for Driving in Traffick for the exciting conclusion of this cliffhanger.