Emerald Dodge


D.H. Dunn
Evocative cover and a really interesting blurb - I'm in!

CS Quinn
Love this!!! Divergent meets Handmaid's Tale??

steven higgs
The cover alone makes me want to read this.

J.W. Garrett
I'm hooked! And that cover - I can't wait to read more from this author!

SW Southwick
Smoking hot cover, literally! I love the twist that her most dangerous enemy is her own boss. Nice!

Andrew Mackay
A superb concept and a thrilling cover. Finally, a hyper-strong female protagonist worthy of the label.

Tori Smith
A really enjoyable cover! I love its colors and kick butt female.

Betsy Flak
Love the cover--invites me into Battlecry's world!

K.L. Young
Fantastic cover and a truly enticing tagline. Can't wait to read! :)

Miranda Honfleur
An inspiring and action-packed superhero urban fantasy! More, please ;)

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