Emerald Dodge


D.H. Dunn
Evocative cover and a really interesting blurb - I'm in!

CS Quinn
Love this!!! Divergent meets Handmaid's Tale??

steven higgs
The cover alone makes me want to read this.

J.W. Garrett
I'm hooked! And that cover - I can't wait to read more from this author!

SW Southwick
Smoking hot cover, literally! I love the twist that her most dangerous enemy is her own boss. Nice!

Andrew Mackay
A superb concept and a thrilling cover. Finally, a hyper-strong female protagonist worthy of the label.

Tori Smith
A really enjoyable cover! I love its colors and kick butt female.

Betsy Flak
Love the cover--invites me into Battlecry's world!

K.L. Young
Fantastic cover and a truly enticing tagline. Can't wait to read! :)

Miranda Honfleur
An inspiring and action-packed superhero urban fantasy! More, please ;)

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Sharp and fearsome superhero Heather and her San Diego team have struck a dark deal with a local gang: in exchange for helping the team escape a lethal foe by faking their deaths, the gang will take credit for “killing” the team, known locally as The Beasts. With the clock ticking down and few allies to help, their lives—and their deal—only becomes more complicated when Heather and her teammate Courtney begin to fall for two gang members.



For one superhero, the good guys can be deadlier than the bad guys. Jillian Johnson, known as the mighty Battlecry, was born into a superhero cult. She craves a life of freedom, far away from her violent and abusive team leader, Patrick. With no education, no money, and no future to speak of, she's stuck in the dangerous life...until she meets the mysterious and compelling Benjamin, a civilian with superpowers. When Patrick confronts her, she fights back--and then runs for her life.




Jillian Johnson, also known as Battlecry, is a superhero with a normal day ahead of her: stop the man dealing a mysterious and lethal substance on a college campus, save people from getting hit by cars, rescue children from burning buildings, go on stakeouts with her team, and most importantly, avoid a confrontation with her most dangerous enemy: her leader, Patrick. Can Jillian survive?