George Tome


Ever since graduating the university, I dreamed of becoming a writer. I started writing a sci-fi novel some twenty-five years ago, but being a perfectionist, I had no intention of publishing it before it became really interesting.<br /> I started from scratch again and again, until ten years ago when I embarked on the fifth (and last) iteration. A new world was born, and this is "The Sigian Bracelet" - my debut novel.<br /> <br /> I'm a science geek. I love all aspects and wonders of the world, but most of all astrophysics. I also like to travel a lot, each time to a different place and country if possible.<br /> My background is in IT; I took part in some large government, banking and retail projects as a consultant and software architect.<br /> I'm married and have two smart kids. The older one, a boy, loves science and never misses an opportunity to ask a million questions, until his father begs for mercy. He even likes reading instead of playing on the smartphone. My small girl's dream is to become a fearless warrior and loves competitions.

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