Xen x Cole McCade


Contemporary romance, SFF & horror author writing mostly queer books.

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Five lawyers in lingerie. One LGBTQIA charity photo shoot. What could go wrong? When an office memo goes around the law firm of Stockton, Stockton & Wells asking who's just a little naughty, law clerk Red Jacobson isn't sure if his stone-cold boss Corbin Stockton is testing their response to actionable behavior--or has been taken over by a pod person. What he finds, though, is neither as he discovers, beneath Corbin's impenetrable facade, a man committed to and passionate about fighting toxic masculinity in the queer community. Yet when a simple pinup photo shoot turns charged with latent attraction and breathless sensuality, Red will discover Corbin's passionate about more than that. Read RED, the first story in this collection, free ahead of the August 2018 release!