Alice Eden


ABOUT Alice A. Eden<br /> <br /> Alice A. Eden wonders why she, like Ms. Baden, did not discover the mentally- expanding, emotionally-titillating, and genital-exploding world of BDSM sex at an earlier age. She suspects her ultra-strict, repressive upbringing contributed to her delayed sexual awakening. But after breaking free and experiencing a belated but joyous coming-of-age, Alice now wants to empower others to explore, experiment, and have fun, regardless of the direction their sexual interests might take them.<br /> Alice had a 40-year career in a perfectly mainstream and respected profession. With writing a passion since childhood, she now has time to devote to the craft. Her colleagues, friends, and neighbors would be most surprised to learn that Alice has written a book with such graphic, wanton, and hedonistic depictions of sexual antics. In fact, they’d have trouble believing Alice even knew about such things. She’s just too sweet and naïve. A native Southerner, Alice currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her own version of Andrew Spires. One day perhaps she’ll have to courage to own this book.<br /> You may contact Alice with questions, comments, and praise (YES!) at <br />

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