PJ Skinner

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Hitler's Finger

When historian Alfredo Vargas goes missing in Sierramar, Sam Harris seizes the chance to return there for a new adventure Alfredo and New York journalist, Saul Rosen, have disappeared while searching for a group of fugitive Nazi war criminals. Sam and her friend Gloria join forces to find them and are soon caught up in a dangerous mystery. A man is murdered, and a sinister stranger follows their every move. Even the government is involved. Can they find Alfredo before he disappears for good?


Fool's Gold

The Sam Harris Series follows the career of an unwilling heroine, whose bravery and resourcefulness are needed to navigate a series of adventures set in remote sites in Africa and South America. Based on the real-life adventures of the author, the settings and characters are given an authenticity that will connect with readers who enjoy adventure fiction and mysteries set in remote settings with realistic scenarios. Set in the late 1980’s themes such as women working in formerly male domains, and what constitutes a normal existence, are examined and developed in the context of Sam’s constant ability to find herself in the middle of an adventure or mystery. Sam’s home life provides a contrast to her adventures and feeds her need to escape.