Lia Violet

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Sweet Hearts: Hot Hearts Cafe, 1

In the Hot Hearts Cafe, people enjoy cinnamon rolls - and each other...

Werewolf and hottie-detective, Jason falls in love with the beautiful Allayna, a mermaid landbound for one day only. Is their hot romance enough to convince her that Life’s Sweeter on Land or will her choice to go back to the water douse the flames of their love forever?

Former FBI agent Belinda realizes that faery cafe owner Kellan charms her even more than the magical cinnamon rolls that he sells in My Cinnamon Roll.

Enter the Hot Hearts Cafe, where love -and pastries - are magic.


Cougartales: A sexy magical, paranormal, fairytale romance (sample chapters)

Elisabeth Davenport, the wealthiest woman in Cougartown, thinks she's content with her billions, but her fantasies about the handsome young barista Jon tell a different tale. The summer sizzles as they get to know each other but Jon's jealous step-father tries to tear them apart. Love is sure to conquer all even the divide between a billionaire and her barista.

Anna DelFlorino tries to pretend she's not a werewolf and has spent the last twenty years hiding from her tragic past and psychic abilities by posing as a regular human. Forced to join the local Ville de Cougar pack due to new regulations, she's ambushed by her intense attraction to the twin Alphas Byron and Brent but even they can't protect her from the secrets in Cougartown.