Kinney Scott

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Trouble Brewing

Tempted by one woman, obsessed with another - Wade must decide if trust outweighs lust in pursuit of dream.
Brewery owner Wade Michaels discovers two alluring women willing to help him expand his popular brewery. Chaos and sabotage could derail his dream of bringing his popular beer to a wider audience.
Iris, the tall slender owner of Northside Grill, has always been a supportive friend. Now, she craves more.
Ravenna, a stunning petite executive, holds power over the expansion at Mosquito Creek Brewing. Wade doesn’t willingly give control to anyone, especially a woman he’d like to possess.


Inheriting Trouble

She hired a rugged craftsman to build her tiny-home, but Natalie never thought Seth would tangle her up in knots.
Seattle had been safe, but could no longer be her home. Natalie sought a new beginning after losing direction and the person closest to her. This curvy redhead hoped to redefine her future, but instead, found a man who needed to take control.
Seth, a builder in the tiny-home industry, never expected his routine to be shaken by a cautious city girl. This tough Northwest man finds Natalie tempting enough to risk demolishing the solid defenses he built around his heart. With the eyes of the small town of Ashwood upon them, Natalie and Seth must choose. Do they stick to their well thought out plans or risk building a future together?