LaSasha Flame


Alexa Quinn
Such an exciting premise with a powerful heroine! With these two alpha protagonists, sparks are going to fly!

Jade Alters
Can't wait.

Ivy Kane
I had to catch my breath several times reading this. This author has a rare talent for spinning the most erotic and engrossing scenes in their stories. Can't wait to read more!

Olga GOA
Amazing story. Amaya and Justin can lead you to the world of naughtiness and steaminess. I like the characters, they are so powerful and sexy!

M. G. Russell
Hot and steamy, this is a book that you won't be able to put down!

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Power & Lust: A Twisted Story of Love and War

Amaya Wright has poured her blood, sweat, and tears into the Williams and Alliance merger knowing the pay off was to become the new Operations Manager. She is ruthless. Whatever she wants she takes it, no matter what it cost, without remorse. She thought she ran the company. Imagine her surprise when hot, cocky, and pain-in-her-butt Justin Reed becomes her boss as the new Operations Manager of Alliance! Determined to get rid of him and take what is rightfully hers, she declares WAR! The closer she gets to him, in order to take him down, the hotter her lust for him burns. Can she take him down and keep her heart intact? Enjoy the scorching hot lust as these two duke it out for power in the company and the bedroom!


Breaking All the Rules: Breaking Rules Series Book 1 Featured in the Forbidden Fruit Anthology

Breaking All the Rules is an erotic short story of a sub's first time attending a luxurious BDSM ball. Caroline is under strict orders not to play with anyone other than her Master, but when she notices a smoldering hot Derrick the attraction is instant and all consuming. Can she make it through the night obedient to her Master or will she stray? LaSasha Flame, the queen of all things dark and twisty, has gotten together with some of her favorite up-and-coming authors to compile an anthology with seven of the most erotic and wild taboo tales ever dared to be told! This collection houses the most forbidden lusts imaginable. Can you make it through all seven erotic stories? Only the naughtiest readers will be able to handle the heat. Find out what happens when you pick the forbidden fruit.