Chrishaun Keller-Hanna

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Shaman States of America's First Hunt: A Dana Kane short story

Dana Kane has protected dignitaries, celebrities, and politicians. As the State of MotorTown’s Shaman, she’s kept the Midwest safe from paranormal threats. But now she faces her most personal challenge. Entertain a gaggle of six-year-olds then guide her twins through their first Hunt. This moment will define a powered child’s life and Dana doesn’t want to mess it up, but she is overloaded. Thankfully, her ex husband Gabe steps up to help. He was a great Hunter in his day, too bad his day was a decade ago. Are they going to get out of this alive? Or as least sane?


Shaman States of America: Monster Hunter Kitchen

When night terrors plague children in a Central Texas suburb, Mama Ray, Fish and Anastacia LaCoure - the Shaman State of Texarcana’s fiercest elite Monster Hunters - most resort to their most hidden talent so everyone can sleep - baking. Crypto LaCoure is a rockabilly, action filled fantasy with monsters, fast cars, and freedom loving women. Except for this one. Their making pies. Read it. You’ll get it.