R D Lee

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Gut-Brain Secrets, Part 2: How Nature Nurtures and Man Manipulates

In Part 2, “How Nature Nurtures and Man Manipulates”, you’ll learn how man’s eternal quest to beat Nature at its own game has led to an endless string of unintended, often deferred, consequences to people, plants, animals, and planet. On the other hand, the more we study Nature’s designs, the more amazed we are at its elegance, its efficiency, its harmony, and the grace and mercy it's designed into every level of its scale from the microscopic to the planetary. Sure, man is smart. Man is determined. Man can figure things out. But Nature is wise. And Nature is unimaginably experienced. Man’s day of reckoning with the laws of Nature is here now.


Gut-Brain Secrets, Part 6: Solutions to Gut-Brain Problems

Part 6, “Solutions to Gut-Brain Problems” helps you change course to a smarter, more legitimate road to recovery. It helps you understand the maximum amount of improvement possible and what to expect, given your condition, resources available, life situation, and level of commitment/motivation. When you’ve had it up to here with “one-size-fits-all” miracle diets and drugs that leave a lot to be desired, take the smarter approach: Align yourself with Nature and help the body heal itself. Get the clarity and insight you need to solve complex, multi-factorial gut-brain problems. Over-equip yourself to handle the challenges that defeat the dreams and earnest efforts of others. Be your own best health boss, starting right now.


Gut-Brain Secrets, Part 5: Detoxification and Elimination

Part 5, “Detoxification and Elimination”, explains how toxins affect the body, and how to activate the full functioning of your detox systems. This state-of-the-art, yet plainly put, crash course on the principles and best practices of detoxing helps you reduce your intake of toxins, recognize the ways toxins affect you daily and therapeutically, and it greatly expands your detoxing capabilities, with or without a practitioner. You may not want to learn all about toxicity and detoxification. You may think the topics are boring or irrelevant. Unfortunately, in today’s world, you need to know how toxins affect your biochemistry, your psychology, your healing and aging, and your genetic expression. Ignore them at your peril, because toxicity affects you in so many ways you wouldn’t believe.