Lia Peele

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Definition of Flawed

Scarlett Trent has been a rule follower all her life. Meeting Paul Jackson changes that. His sizzling bad boy vibe pulls at her like an irresistible magnet. With a knack for mixing things up, he stomps all over her rules. Blessed with a body for sinning, and a face like a fallen angel, he’s a risk taker who challenges her, and she can’t get enough. When he invites her to move in, excitement replaces her initial apprehension, but that’s short-lived when each new day reveals surprising information about him. Paul takes more than he gives and wrecks everything he touches. Every revelation tears them apart and at the same time, her friendship with his son grows closer. Will she stand by Paul as his issues detonate, or will she follow the rules like the good girl she used to be?