Alicia Best


I'm thrilled to be sharing my writing with you, bringing romances like I love to read. Good, heartwarming tales where there's a happy ever after ending, at least there is when we finally get there! I'm from Florida originally and now live up by Seneca Lake in upstate New York. My man and I have three dogs; two horses and simply love it up here. I love Nicholas Sparks, Elizabethtown, Carly Simon, Love Actually and, well, anything romantic. I hope you'll enjoy my stories too.

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Happy Returns

When Meredith Thomas returns home to Shady Piers for the huge birthday party her parents put on for her each year, she is frustrated with a writing career going nowhere. For her estranged and lifelong friend Logan Nole, his life has taken a very different turn. Now the single parent of a bubbly 4-year old, he has no time to spare as he works double shifts just to keep their lives afloat. An unexpected crisis forces him to ask for Meredith's help with his daughter and although they never saw romance in all those years of their youth, they are now drawn together. But Meredith has a secret she's held inside ever since she left, and just at the wrong moment, it comes back to haunt her.