Amanda Gale

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Meredith Out of the Darkness (The Meredith Series Book 1)

Meredith Beck is living the perfect life. But when she is devastated by tragedy, she must rebuild her life in what she discovers is a less-than-perfect world. In Book One, Meredith stumbles through each day without passion or hope until she meets Nick Kelly, a quiet painter from a small town in Maine. Meredith is drawn to Nick's love of nature and is comforted by his purity of heart. They begin a whirlwind romance, and as they plan their future, she is delighted to have found peace once again, this time in a simple life far removed from the fast-paced life she's known. But they are haunted by the past, competing with ghosts and desperate to meet unreachable expectations. When their different visions of perfection come between them, the question remains: what is true perfection?