Therese Caruana

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Incipient Cipher

After having learnt more about life, Lucy begins to question the contradicting ideologies held by Leo and Susy. Which should she trust in? Without any knowledge of the potential dangers that could be unleashed, she is convinced to retrieve an invaluable grimoire for Leo. A grimoire not intended for him. Passing the book over to Leo will ultimately determine the course toward one of the two ideologies…that is unless Susy has already anticipated these events and woven them into her wider master plan.



Susy finds herself deep within CERN, isolated with no recollection of her past. Her dear cousin and only friend, leaves unexpectedly and bestows upon her a mysterious key-like jewel as a farewell gift. His sudden departure drives her to escape from the facility where she encounters the members of the Honorary Knight Order. They have searched in every corner of Earth for Susy and the map that will lead them home. In the completion of their quest they face many obstacles and challenges as they realise that Susy has lost more of her powers and memory than they had previously anticipated. Love and secrets delay the completion of the mission and concerns grow that the balance of life will not be re-established in time.