JT Harris

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Prince Noralv: Edge of Shadows - PREVIEW

Forced into hiding, Thayne Noralv, an aelven prince, carries with him a dangerous secret. All of his royal training has not prepared him to deal with a spiritual energy that becomes entwined with his soul. Living in an academy divided by social status, Luella Hatherine is determined to find her missing father. When Thayne and Luella’s lives collide the hidden truths in her father’s journal, notes, and maps reveal more questions beneath the written word than first realized. Caught between duty and survival, they must gain control over the prince’s new power before it consumes him and destroys everything around them and the ones they love. Regardless, the enemy is coming. Don’t miss a moment of Prince Noralv: Edge of Shadows. Preview it today!


Mission: Escape

Trace’s mission: to get Lana, a stubborn, heiress of a large fortune, to safety before the Sky Pirates take her. If they are to make it Trace has to take drastic measures much to Lana’s disdain. The pirates are closing in on them fast and they are still a few miles from their rendezvous point. He is about to fail a mission for the first time. Read now to see the story unfold in this short, steampunk, military adventure.


Lost in a Dream

When Lucas's girlfriend, Camille, becomes trapped in a coma he obtains help from an old friend and together they illegally gain access to the Psychotherapy Analysis Machine to travel into the subconscious mind of his girlfriend before she is gone forever. Read now to see the story unfold in this short, medical, sci-fi, drama.