Sam Johnson


Sam Johnson is a comics writer/editor. Sam has a Masters in Creative Writing for Film & TV; he created CABRA CINI: VOODOO JUNKIE HITWOMAN, which had a strip annually in the Halloween issue of H!M Comics' IF-X anthology; he has self-published two THE ALMIGHTIES one-shots (a comedy super-team co-created with Mike Gagnon); released the 4-issue GEEK-GIRL Mini-Series through publisher Markosia monthly from Nov 2016 and ran a successful Kickstarter for its TPB.

Sam's favorite comic and biggest influence is DC's super-team book, Doom Patrol – Grant Morrison's bizarre run back in the day - now successfully returned under My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. When he's not writing comics he most enjoys hanging with friends, watching comedy shows and boozing.

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Geek-Girl #1/2

When 'Little Miss Popular' Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she's granted flight, super-strength, and – due to a flaw in the glasses' programming – super-klutziness! And this is just the beginning of the changes the glasses will wreak on Ruby...

Trying to be a super-hero, Ruby Kaye stumbles across a mysterious and extremely dangerous new villain taking down her town's Numero Uno heroine - and is forced to step up and use her powers for more than just accidentally knocking drinks over her friends... Geek-Girl is entering the Super-Hero Big Leagues - whether she's ready or not!


Almighties Origins

From Sam Johnson, creator of Geek-Girl, and Mike Gagnon, creator of Monkeys & Midgets...


"Get your coat, Evil - you're ^%£*ed!"