Chris Ward

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Death Depends

I didn't mean to leave you ... Larry doesn't know that he is walking to his death. Sunday is the day of his vigil at his brother's grave, but this week it is going to be his last ...



Chiaki Hasegawa is a multi-million selling singer songwriter, but her career peak is a decade behind her. Now she lives like a caged bird, fighting to escape the violent and oppressive grip of her manager, Masaaki Iida, who is desperate to resurrect her career, no matter what the cost. Then one day she meets Ben Wilson, a traveller and train blogger struggling with his heartbreak and obligation to the family he wronged. Chiaki's life is turned on its head, and for the first time she sees the possibility of a life beyond music. But Masaaki Iida will never allow it..... Stolen is the second in Christopher Ward's romantic suspense series, Tokyo Lost, a series of unconnected stories which share a similar setting and theme. The first book in the series, Broken, is available now.



The School at the End of the World (Endinfinium #1)

Benjamin Forrest wakes up on a strange beach with a creature that looks like a car snapping at his feet. There are two suns in the sky and the sea falls off the edge of the world a couple of miles offshore. Where is he? How did he get here? Welcome to the bizarre world of Endinfinium ...