Brair Lake

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Welcome to The Brothers Of Devil’s Comfort MC


It’s party night for the Brothers of Devil’s Comfort and all they want is to party and relax with the women of Devil’s Comfort.

This is an anthology of short steamy adult romance stories to introduce you to the residents of Comfort Springs and the Brothers of Devil's Comfort MC. Inferno, Linc, Tabby, Fudge, and Dec.

They are tough alpha men who rule Comfort Springs, a small town found near the Mississippi River. When they are not causing chaos, and partying hard, you’ll find them on the open roads of Louisiana.

Meet them before they fall for the women who will change their destinies.

Baby Blu, Cassie Davies, Rayven Winters, Ellie Wright and Ivy Reynolds are five strong willed women who refuse to take any bullshit from their men.

This book contains explicit sex