Andre Ellison

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Raising Sera - Birthright

90% of the world's water is controlled by ONE corporation. When sickly, nine-year-old, Ethan McCall is adopted by Chief Research and Development Scientist, Dr. Edward Belmont, he quickly learns that the price of living in luxurious, Advent City, comes with a price he may not be ready to pay... Blind trust to the Apex Recruitment Program for the Apex Corporation. But when a routine military assignment turns into an all-out fight for survival, Ethan must conquer his doubts as he learns the true nature of his past... and more importantly, decide who to trust, before an archaic power known as the Protogenoi awaken and eradicates humanity forever. As fate would have it, a ten-year-old girl name Sera teaches him that trust must be earned and that it only takes seconds to be lost.