C.S. Harte

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Eden Wakes

Journey into a world that shouldn't exist, where illusion teeters on the edge of reality. Deep down you always knew magic was real. 16-year-old Kayla is trying to survive the Texas foster system. Junior year of high school shows promise when she befriends the popular, rich girl, Izzy. And when her foster brother, Tommy, becomes less brother and more love interest. But that's when things start going wrong. In an instant, her reality vanishes, replaced with a new world where dragons, ice spiders, sea serpents, and samurais exist at the whims of mysterious strangers. They offer her an unfortunate truth about herself and her mother in return for her unique, emerging "talents." Can Kayla trust them? Will she ever make it back to her previous life?



Two brothers in opposite corners of the galaxy might be humanity's last hope. Chaos descends when a fleet of Mimic Sphereships overwhelm First Officer Nolan Barick's Ostia Space Station, the outermost base in the Alpha Quadrant of Commonwealth territory, and kills most of the crew. An exploratory mission in the Delta Quadrant led by First Officer of the CMS Endurance, Jonas Barick, discovers something never before seen, a terrifying anomaly that may lead to the fall of the Commonwealth. The only hope for mankind rests on whether both brothers can survive long enough to alert Fleet Command. Action-packed and intense, Endurance is the prequel novella to the Entrent Saga, a thrilling new space opera that combines innovative science fiction with impossible monsters.



Tides of Empire

A sinister tide is coming. For centuries, the Jin-song have held back the massive wave of superpowered gifteds threatening to destroy the natural order of life in the world. But while gifteds grow stronger, the Jin-song is on the verge of collapse. Hope exists in the form of Ren Yi, whose scarred heart carries the fate of the Jin-song. Some consider Ren an alchemic savant and strategic genius. But much more doubt his leadership, including himself. In the struggle to save the Jin-song, Ren learns he must sacrifice those he holds dear, including the girl he loves most. Will he choose the love of his life? Or will he forsake his people to save her? This stirring novella in the Eden Factions series is meant to be read after book #1, Eden Wakes, but is a standalone story.