nelson nyombi

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This tale lets out the pain and weaknesses that the characters show in their hearts. All that they consider unfair is just as a result of their own deeds and self-mistreatments. Standbirth is a house deep in the woods filled with mystery as a result of Ernesto, an old man who travels for ages looking for a fine life.
Ernesto, his two sons Hindley, Evans, and the entire household face harsh mistreatments by a foe race of Hoks war men. They lash and cut off his ears though he does not die so soon. He lives on with resentment against the Hoks race. He forbids all his descendants from getting in contact with the race. Upon his death, he declares a curse on whoever dares to cross the lines.
Unfortunately, Evans dies. Driven by fate, his brother ends up falling in love with Morey a Hoken girl.