L.C. Kincaide

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Immortal Beloved

1911 Brixhead society is shaken to its core after three newcomers arrive at the seaside town. While Nia Beauchamp has little interest in high society, she is nevertheless drawn in when a series of coincidences bring her and charismatic newcomer, Tammen together. While the society matrons vie to outdo one another, a chain of events is set into action, and old rivalries and resentments surface with tragic consequences. Inevitably, it is Nia who stands to pay the highest price… A story of love, loss and new beginnings. ** Suitable for teen to nonagenarian (no sex, no profanity)


The Secret of Everdon Manor

You are cordially invited to Everdon Manor… The party invitation arrived just in time; Ivy needs a break from recent events, and the Edwardian theme resonates with her obsession about the past. Almost immediately, she is drawn into the family’s dark and violent history and realizes that all is not as it first appeared. Wary guests, family secrets, and unexplained events leave her questioning what is real and what is illusion. What promised to be a fabulous weekend getaway at the family’s ancestral Georgian manor quickly devolves into a nightmare. Someone has an ulterior motive for keeping her trapped there, and by the time she discovers why, it may be too late. ** Clean (no sex, no profanity)