L.C. Davis

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Fan Mail

Hey. I'm John Rals, the guy who has everything. Okay, so maybe I don't have the immortality or superhuman abilities of a brooding teenage vampire, but I make a fortune playing one on TV. I've got a hot rocker boyfriend, all the kids who bullied me in high school wish they were me, and if my award collection gets any bigger, I'm gonna need a bigger penthouse. So you tell me, how did a stack of fan letters from some kid in rural Maine become my most treasured possessions?

You could say it started with a case of mistaken identity. Namely? Mine. How exactly is a guy supposed to convince his soulmate to give him the time of day when he doesn't even remember his own life? I don't think my signature charm is gonna get me out of this one.

M/M romance, HEA.Contains mature themes and content.