Haley Pierce

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Hard Bargain

He wants to show her how hard it can really get. TOM: I’m loaded and can get any girl I want. But relationships are bullsh**t. I’ve been burned before - big time. I’ll never let that happen again. When I see that young curvy girl get up on stage At the county fair and announce that her virginity is for auction I’m intrigued. I know it’s a terrible idea in this small town, but my hard d**k is telling me otherwise. She’s a good girl but not for long. She doesn’t know what she’s in for with me. Her V-card is all mine. NICOLE: I hate this place. My dad is a filthy liar and I need to get out. To escape this sh*thole town and everyone in it, I’m willing to sell everything of value to the highest bidder - and I mean everything.