Michele Bardsley

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Amazing Grace

Witch Grace Hobbs, with the exception of her frill-necked lizard familiar, Liz, has spent most of her life alone, but not because she’s anti-social. Nope. She’s cursed. The ghost of her Puritan ancestor’s bitter enemy, Dorcas Hoar, haunts Grace every second of every day. If it wasn’t for her witchy ability to work with plant life, using her magic and know-how to create healing potions for people and plants, Grace would’ve gone stark raving mad. Bear shifter Tabor Standing Bear’s sacred duty to care for Frank, the last remaining living magic tree in North America. But now the tree is dying and with it, the ancient magic that once supported the long abandoned Arkansas town. He never imagined the witch with the wild purple hair and the beautiful gold-brown eyes would bewitch him.


A Mother Scorned