K.G. Reuss

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Blood Song

When hunters-in-training lose focus and become a little careless, someone very precious to them pays the price. Their young friend catches the eye of vampire royalty, who was called in by the melody of her blood. What does it mean for brothers, Matt and Ryder? And what about Ellie? Who’s song will end and whose is just beginning?

The Coyote Council is a paranormal saga that follows twin brothers in their quest to rid the world of blood-sucking vampires. Meet them before they become hunters in episode one, Blood Song.

This is episode one in a short story series.


Testimony of the Damned

I am not a good man.

That’s a lie. I’m not a man anymore. Signing away my eternity to the Devil kind of erased what makes me human. Now, I collect and corrupt souls for the Devil. It’s not a bad gig if you like sin, sex, and darkness.

I’m one soul away from becoming a crowned prince of hell. I'm assigned to corrupt and collect the soul of Nephilim-born Maggie Westbrook—a shy, beautiful seventeen-year-old who has no idea what she is. Should be easy as sin, right?

She turns my world upside down, leaving me raw, exposed, and feeling—feelings things I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. How can I get the only thing I’ve ever wanted without hurting her?

I am not a good man. It’s important that I repeat that. I am the demon Abraxas Shepherd, and this is my testimony of the damned.