Camille Oster

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Claiming the East

This month-long assignment in the crazy, never-sleeping and vibrant city of Hong Kong is really a job interview, and Mercy Wright is intent of taking the prize from the other person in line for it, Lukas Heimer from the Frankfurt office. Lukas—annoying, rude, and a clean-freak to the point of being anally retentive. It was going to be a pleasure to leave him in the dust. No mercy.


Marbella Nights

The exclusive enclave that is Marbella in Spain, playground for the rich and the well-connected, holds many secrets and it’s hard to know what's real sometimes. Quentin Cartright grew up in this rarefied atmosphere, with every delight at his fingertips. But being part of the right crowd doesn’t necessarily assure real success when temptation and entitlement lingers. The warm days and hot nights have also called to Adelaide Simon and Trish Daly, regular girls from downunder, seeking adventure and fun in a place with incomprehensible rules and structures. They’ve learned that the glitter of Marbella hides a multitude of sins, especially as Marbella also draws the ambitious—those seeking entry into the most exclusive circles, who will do anything to get where they want to be.