Dean Klinkenberg

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Rock Island Lines

Cats aren’t the only victims of a curious mind. Writer Frank Dodge and his buddy, homicide detective Brian Jefferson, have a fascination with gangsters and their legacies. When Dodge, disgruntled and desperate for a story to write about, gets a tip that Miguel Ramirez could be a descendant of a brutal gangster named John Looney, he concocts a plan to meet the young man. When Ramirez is found floating in the Mississippi River, Dodge finds himself without a story and wondering if he’s the killer’s next target. As Dodge and Jefferson go over the surprising events of the night Ramirez died, clues about the murder will come from an unlikely source: the life of gangster John Looney. Can Dodge put the pieces together in time, or will he be another victim of Looney's deadly legacy?