KS Villoso


Virginia McClain
What an intriguing premise!

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Jaeth's Eye KS Villoso

After a botched job leaves his friend dead, the mercenary Kefier is chased down by former associates for the crime. Already once branded a murderer, fate seems to continue to frown on him when he comes face-to-face with his friend's sister, Sume: a young woman reeling from her own string of bad luck, and the last person he would ever want to confess to. Their lives, unknowingly tangled before they've even met, are now thrown into upheaval as one flees from the past and the other runs to it.

Meanwhile, the arrogant merchant Ylir takes a special interest in Kefier while he battles with a powerful mage, one whose name has been long forgotten in legend. At the crux of it all: a creature of legend, a witch's beast, whose possession promises enough power to bring the continent to its knees...