L.J. Suarez

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What killed the human race? Dr. Ionne is an ambitious paleontologist with a promising career ahead of her within the Monad scientific community, but the young scientist is stricken by grief and guilt when an incident during an archaeological dig claims a loved one. Ionne is then given the opportunity of a lifetime to lead a team to an unexplored region that once belonged to a long lost civilization - the Homo sapiens. It is there that she will make the greatest discovery in her people’s history. But can she also discover how to forgive herself? Set prior to the novel The Ancestor, Emergence chronicles humanity's downfall and the eventual rise of its descendants, the Monads, on this rip-roaring journey of discovery and redemption.


The Ancestor

A nuclear war? A deadly contagion? If the world as we know it came to an end, will there be a trace of us left? In this futuristic sci-fi thriller, L.J. Suarez takes you on an unforgettable journey beyond the catastrophic human extinction and across the eons to a new race who have evolved on Earth. The Monads, an off-shoot of Homo-sapiens, have made a scientific breakthrough – successfully cloning a human male named Six. The first human being to walk the Earth in centuries. But why him? And is he doomed to live out his ‘new’ life alone? *THIS IS A FREE PREVIEW OF MY NEW BOOK (FIRST FOUR CHAPTERS)