J.K. Harper

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Fire Wolf - Chapter One Teaser

“This novella is just plain amazing. You are reading of two souls not allowing each other to get close as they don’t want to be hurt. Stressing the importance of family and forgiveness, this is one love story you don’t want to miss.”

Firefighter and wolf shifter Tanner Canagan dedicates his life to rescuing people. But no matter how many he saves, his dark history of prevents him from getting close to anyone. He's too broken for love—especially not with a woman as stunning as Jordyn Lowe.

Paramedic and wolf shifter Jordyn saves lives daily. She's also head over paws in love with Tanner. Despite her painful past with men, his tortured soul doesn’t scare her away—but only if she can convince her fire wolf that two broken souls together can create one sexy firestorm of a destined union.