Danica Raimz

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Jigsaw Hearts (Awaken My Heart, novel one)

18+ / Steamy: I made a pact with myself: Ren Hayden will never accept the ‘victim’ label. Three coping mechanisms help me keep that promise: cigarettes, writing out checks to charities, and meaningless, mind-numbing sex. A lonely life at age 23, but my career as an entertainment journalist would have to be enough. When I lose the only person who really knew me, my defense mechanisms falter, leaving me wide open to a sincere set of ethereal, hazel eyes.

Galen Zabriese is nothing this emotion-phobic girl can afford to be near and everything the world needs to be a better place--although he would certainly say differently on both counts. He sees through my faltering defenses--knows I'm hiding things. And no matter what I say or do, he can’t keep his hands off me....