Jennifer Roush

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Refuse Teaser: First 3 Chapters.

When the Rebellion decided to overthrow the government, they picked Antoinette to be their pawn.

But Antoinette is no pawn.

She's a rebel all right--a social misfit, considered human garbage by the government...and decidedly hot for Maya, the Rebel leader.

But she's more than a rebel, she's a rebel-rouser: she thinks, she plans, she finds answers--and then she tells people to go to Hell.

Now neither the Rebellion nor the government can contain her, even though they both need her, and it's ALL about to go to Hell.

She will do more, be more, than REFUSE.


Spectrum Teaser

You are an explorer in a galaxy of worlds...
...with countless stories to delve into or even just try out.

Inside, you are the rescuer of the kitten who rescues you right back. You are the citizen making a life-or-death decision. You are the teenager experiencing her first bite. Drama. Mystery. Romance. Heartwarming fiction. Gut-twisting decisions. We gathered the best stories from multiple genres to create a kaleidoscopic collection of short fiction.

From award-winning authors to fresh new voices, worlds of discovery, adventure, and heartbreak are at your fingertips.

Whether your tastes lie in blood red horror, green soothing family dramas, or night-black satire, there is a color--and a story--for you.




Outcast. Catspaw. Telepath.

When the fate of a rebellion falls into the hands of a single psychic street urchin, only she can orchestrate a solution and stop an annoying goathole.