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The Princess and the Holy Juggernaut

Leanna Moonbody and Priestess Trixi are back on the road again! After playing to a crowd of thousands in the Saul Amphitheater, Trixi assembles her pilgrimage to the fabled Magic City and Leanna pursues her dream of becoming the most famous singer in the world. Everything is looking up, if only their pasts would leave them alone. Weevil will not rest until Trixi is dead, and Leanna’s shattered memory might hide a dark secret. Together with their elven sorcerer, clueless paladin, and shady rogue, they’ll make up the rules as they go along for another adventure.


The Singer and the Charlatan

Deep in the heart of Newland, the song of a bard will rise up and lead an unusual band of travelers on a ridiculous, incredible adventure. Leanna Moonbody has big dreams and even bigger plans. Not content to merely play for coins on the streets of Kingsfield, Leanna has her eyes on the horizon. With plans to move to the music capital of Saul and spend her days singing at the amphitheater, Leanna packs her bags and takes off on the journey of a lifetime. Along the way she will be joined by a motley crew of adventurers who are as hilarious as they are haphazard. With a precarious trickster in their midst, Leanna’s simple move turns upside-down as she and new pal Priestess Trixi make their way to Saul with a following in tow. Dodging lovesick stalkers, deranged halflings, and gathering ado