Renee Rose

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The Russian: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

MY PRISONER. MY OBSESSION. MY SUNSHINE. I can't stay away from her. I don't care if I get whacked by the mob. Or fired from the FBI. There's no way I'm letting her get hurt. Hell, if any of them touch her, I'll blow my cover in a second. She's my solnishko. Her brother's a scumbag. He owes the don money. The don sends me to collect my pound of flesh, but I want more than a pound. I want her.


Theirs to Punish

Two doms. One naughty thief. A punishment she'll remember. When a billionaire's daughter-turned-ninja picked Casino Magnifico for a heist, she didn't take into account one thing--actually--two. Twin owners Joe and Alex Jamison won't hesitate to employ a little corporal punishment to bring the virgin socialite in line... M/f/M - no sexual contact between the men


His Human Rebel (Zandian Masters Book 4)

CONSCRIPTED BY AN ALIEN ARMY, SHE PLOTS HER ESCAPE… Cambry doesn’t believe the aliens’ propaganda for one minute. The Zandians may have saved her from one death, but they planned to send her to another. She bides her time, waiting for her chance to get away and find her brother, enslaved by a different species. The only thing she didn’t count on was Lundric, the tempting Zandian warrior who, for some reason, decided she was his female. Lundric knew the fierce little rebel Cambry belonged to him the moment he saw her toss that auburn hair in defiance. He knows she hasn’t accepted him or the Zandian’s cause, but he vows to win her, no matter what it takes. But when Cambry steals a ship and attempts to escape, even his harshest punishment may not restore the trust between them.


His Human Slave (Zandian Masters Book 1)

Collared and caged, his human slave awaits her training. Zander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate. While he would never choose a human of his own accord, his physician's gene-matching program selected Lamira's DNA as the best possible match with his own. Now he must teach the beautiful slave to yield to his will, accept his discipline and learn to serve him as her one true master.


Theirs to Protect

Two dominant cops, a tightly wound lawyer and a pair of handcuffs... Sloane didn't mean to start anything when she bought two hot cops coffee at Starbucks, but her flirtation sparks the officers' interest. They intend to show her how much fun surrender can be. When a stalker invades her home, she finds they're also ready to protect.