erin trejo

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Black Rylee's Protector

​ ​My life has always been in the MC. This is all I know. I live for the thrill of this life. Taking a two year prison sentence wasn’t ideal for me. I did my time. Came out harder than ever. Rylee was always the little girl that I protected. From the time she was little, she was mine. She grew up though, turned into a beautiful woman. My feelings for her changed. One touch of her and I am lost. Now I have to face facts. Her father, my best friend is the club President. Walking away from her isn’t an option until I’m forced to choose between the two. ​ My life, my club or the girl I shouldn’t even want.


A Love Like War



Justice My life was sent into a tail spin when I lost my world. The Black Swan became my poison. Something changed when I met, Skylar. She was pure and innocent. Something I wanted. Skylar Abused and lost from my past, I made my own way. I have a job and a friend that cares about me. I’m closed off though. Until I meet Justice. He was different and did things that I craved. The moment things changed, we were lost in a world of lies and danger. Will we be able to find comfort in each other?