Samantha Britt

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Enticed: An Immortal Chronicles Story

You may know about Eshe and Lome's present. But what about their past? The year is 378 BC. Eshe Akil’s father is ill, and her family is struggling to make ends meet. Ever since her mother’s untimely death, the young woman and her older sister, Nebet, have taken over the role as caretakers for their younger siblings. The bustling city of Alexandria is daunting for the inexperienced teenagers, but somehow, they are able to make ends meet. When the Akil patriarch reveals a plan to lift the family out of ruin, Eshe has to make a decision. Does she allow Nebet to sacrifice herself for the family? Or can the brave young women find another way to save them from imminent poverty? Find out the story behind the immortal couple in Enticed: An Immortal Chronicles Story.