Tyler Pike

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The Feeling of Water

SHE LOST HER LIFE IN WATER... …time to get it back. Karan is recovering from an accident that left her disfigured and amnesiac. She’s 21, remembers no-one and feels nothing except a irrational terror of water. Then she meets Alice. Only 16, and fearless. Strong. Bigger than life. Perhaps even supernatural. And… dangerous. When Alice forces Karan to face her worst fears, together they unleash a terror much more immediate and violent than drowning. Karan nearly died once before, and now someone is determined she become really, really dead. Will Alice’s supernatural abilities be enough to save Karan? Will she escape an icy death herself? THE FEELING OF WATER is a short sequel to THE GIRL IN THE AIR in a series of fast-paced magical realism thrillers set in the Rocky Mountains.


Girl in the Air

SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS AN ORDINARY GIRL... Then she taught herself to fly. Alice Brickstone spends all of her free-time alone, walking and mountain-biking in the old-growth wilderness near her mountain town, trying in vain to put miles between her and the tragic loss of her twin brother ten years earlier. The loss is shrouded in confused memories of a distant ashram in India. One day, Alice encounters a mysterious orange-robed monk, and her world is thrown upside down. Who knew evil wore orange? GIRL IN THE AIR is the first book in a series of page-turning, fast-paced magical realism thrillers set in the Rocky Mountains. Come see why Miles Franklin award-winning author, Tom Flood calls GIRL IN THE AIR “wackily funny and ridiculously believable…unstoppable."