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Dragon Flames

Xerxes is a dragon shifter who needs to find a mate soon, or he’ll die. But, when Xerxes does find his mate, she’s prickly, acidic, sarcastic, and not interested in a relationship of any type.
When they’re forced to spend a few days in a secluded cabin together, she’s drawn to him in a way she can’t explain, a way that threatens to make her something she cannot stand—vulnerable.


Red River Pack


Billionaire Bear's Bride

Colton Sterling is a brilliant business strategist, adrenaline junkie, self-made billionaire, and Kodiak grizzly bear shifter. Colton has no plans to settle down. Not, that is, until he sees the beautiful Hannah Cooper. His mate.
Hannah is a smart, curvy, bold doctor, who is way out of her league in the Alaskan wilderness.
Lucky for her she’ll be outta here tomorrow.
Colton has just 24 hours to make Hannah fall in love with him before she returns to the lower 48.
Can he rise to the challenge?