Celeste Raye


Celeste Raye has always been obsessed with writing short stories since she was in elementary school. Her passion is writing Science Fiction romance of all types. Celeste lives alone with her new dog Jake. She loves going for morning coffee at the local Starbucks to meeting new people! On her down time, Celeste loves to ride her bike or stay home snuggled up with Jake watching Sci-Fi movies.

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Revant Warriors Prequel

On Revant, the Federation holds sway. After the Federation demands use of the wormhole that would allow their trader ships to pass through the universe faster Harrod and his wife Renée, rulers and royals on Revant, know that they must rebel. When the Federation’s harshness causes the entire system around Revant to collapse they find themselves on the run with their four sons, and on a collision course with the most deadly race ever known, the Gorlites. The family is determined to survive as they wander deeper into space, ready to do whatever they must to find a planet that they can claim as their own, a planet far from the rule of the Federation. But survival is not guaranteed, and nobody could have known the extent of the Federation’s betrayal…