Morgan Young

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Eliza Wilkes is too busy for love. So when she wakes up with an unbelievably sexy man in a hotel bed, she’s stunned. But what really floors her is the shiny wedding rings they’re both wearing.

A reckless evening in Vegas that ended in marriage? Eliza doesn’t make mistakes like this! No matter how well-situated Emerson Banks is in the manhood department. Or how gorgeous his hazel eyes are. Or how rock hard his—

Nope. A quickie divorce is the simplest solution. But then Emerson asks Eliza on a date, and that one date turns into one wild night. In the morning, Eliza finds she doesn’t want to go back to her old life. She likes being Mrs. Banks.

But can a girl who’s used to always being right admit that hooking up with Emerson Banks wasn’t entirely a mistake?