Vanayssa Somers


Born in the far north and brought as a child to beautiful Vancouver Island to grow up in the wilderness, running barefoot with my siblings through the woods. Worked as a Registered Nurse, doing the work I most love - taking care of others; also worked as a businesswoman and psychic. Retired and began to write. Writing and publishing fills my days. My books can be found on Solstice Publishing websites and on kdp Amazon. See my Author page at:
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Jan Kendall, wife of a Congressman, comes home to change handbags for a charity luncheon and walks in on a life-altering scene. Yet, it's the oldest story in the book.There before her shocked eyes is her lifelong best friend, beautiful hair spread across Jan's pillows, and Jan's famous husband too busy to notice her in the doorway. Stunned, she hastily retreats. Before she reaches the bottom of the stairs,her hubby is heading down behind her, and a scenario erupts that will send Jan out of her life of wealth and privilege across the country to find out who she really is and what she is made of. The most unlikely group of friends soon fill her life, but she alone can answer the vital questions that lead any of us to a truly rich life. But can Jan ever trust a man again?



Kathryn Acton Rice is an international best selling romance author, in fact, the top selling romance writer of her time. Her fans would be shocked to know her secret. At the age of fifteen, she suffered an attack from a home invasion and as a result, has never been able to be close to a man. She writes with the passion of vast experience, yet, truth is, she is 32 years old and has never been kissed! What a story for a television show... In the meantime, this bright, untouched jewel has been discovered, and not by just anyone, but by a tall handsome red-haired superhero type of guy, a war correspondent who knows all about humanity, its best and its worst. Eric Emerson, the man who has seen it all, is awakened to...could this be his soul mate? See all my books at:



Susan, once a wife and mother, now a widow but still a mother; and Will, moving back to his home town after a catastrophe destroyed his own marriage…leaving his own family behind and determined to start again somehow. Old lovers, both lonely, but with a hard betrayal lurking in both their memories. See all my books at:  



How could a young orphan become a superhero, battle the flames of the Inquisition, learn to shapeshift, and finally reincarnate as a young American woman living in Vermont? And how could her Wizardly teacher, Melchior, find her after searching for centuries, his heart driving him on as he realizes this student was, after all, his chosen mate, the love of his eternal life? Unsure that he could ever find her again, one day he steps into her quiet home and finds his forbidden love at long last. Will Theresa understand that she is a reincarnation of his ancient star student from 1483, or will she shut him out, refusing his offer of Arch Wizard training to complete her full destiny? See all my books at:



Renee is home from the battle field, having retired from her War Correspondent career. Eager to build a new life,she moves to the wilderness and sets out to build a wildlife portfolio. Little does she know, as she follows the wolf pack through strange woods, that a different kind of wildlife awaits her...tall, dark and handsome. With his own set of cameras. See all my books at:



Two teen boys go for a walk, not noticing the white van tailing them, driven by two human traffickers. Their ordinary day explodes with desperation and action as they become bent on escape,not only for themselves, but for the other teens as well who are about to be loaded into a container and shipped to Europe, where they will be sold as slaves. This book is a sequel to the first book in the Wizard Melchior series, Pagan Flames. See all my books on my Author page,