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wonderful cover :)

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Love, Lust, and Goals: a Gay MPREG Sports Romance

Cliff is a professional soccer star who's been in the game for over a decade. He dominates the sport and shines on the field, but when Aaron joins the team as a new recruit, Cliff can't seem to keep his head on straight. The sparks between them are obvious, but how will this little game of lust play out? What will happen when a baby is thrown into the mix? Can Cliff accept his newfound feelings before he runs his career off the rails? And can Aaron rise to the occasion and stand up for what he believes is right? This is a 10k word gay MPREG sports romance that will have your heart beating and brow sweating.


Unfair Game: A Gay Sports Romance Novel

Kyle and his best friend Cade are two professional soccer players who are on the top of their game; well, until love and lust are thrown into the mix. Cade is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and Kyle has pined over him for years. When Cade finds out, will he able to pursue love in a way he never considered before? Will Kyle be able to keep his burning desire in check as they explore possibilities? These two passionate men must navigate team dynamics, family obligations, public opinion, and personal boundaries as they battle to retain their friendship (or more) while competing in the international World Cup Finals. NOTE: this book is a preview of the full novel