Jack Saxon


Reformed desk jockey and ex pusher of paper. Author of psychological thrillers.<br /> <br /> I walked away from job hiding behind a desk to focus on the things in life that actually mean something. I write disturbing things about disturbing people. I particularly enjoy exploring how very dark topics (e.g. death) shape human relationships.<br /> <br /> If you enjoy reading stories that don’t always have happy endings, I’m your guy. I joyfully write about topics that many other authors would shy away from.<br /> <br /> If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then consider joining me. This is an invitation.<br /> <br /> I live in California but my life hasn’t been blue skies.<br /> <br /> I love dogs.

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The Audit in Graham County

A disturbing psychological drama. He was quickly becoming isolated from the outside world. An in-depth character study of Joe Stetson, a suicidal man on the brink of horror. Joe must travel to Arizona again for another assignment. The long journey into the desert leads to an office building that is nearly as isolated as Joe's soul. At first, the audit unfolds like the last hundred. Polite pleasantries and plastic small talk. But when an armed gunman decides to enter the building, everything changes. With his life at stake, Joe is finally forced to face his demons head-on.