carlyle labuschagne

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Evanescent A broken Novel

A human colony exiled to planet Poseidon, thier powers are like none anyone has ever known, and seventeen-year-old Ava is the perfect hybrid of every mutant ever created. But with great supremacy comes a terrible darkness; she has the power to either heal or destroy everything in her wake.
With the help of Troy, and the Secret Circle of Souls, they must guide the lost, ill-tempered girl into becoming a perfect warrior. Ava is the only one capable of extinguishing those infected with the dark disease known as Shadow Blood, which stems back through time unto its first carrier—Caine. Ava becomes the new carrier of this dark disease whose only impulse is to infect all with Shadow Blood.
Will she have it in her to fight not only an intergalactic war, but one that rages within herself, too?