Chera Zade

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The Mistress of Pemberley

Newlywed Elizabeth Bennet knows little of married life. She's seen only the bickering of her parents, or the boring life of her dear friend, Charlotte, and her husband, Mr. Collins. Yet, when Fitzwilliam takes her to his bed, Elizabeth soon realizes her beloved Mr. Darcy is not entirely the gentleman she believed. He knows how to please her, taking her to new and unimagined heights. As her days descend into constant lusting for her husband's touch, she soon discovers new desires she'd never imagined, exploring every tawdry whim with her willing and wild husband. From Lady Carrington's decadent Springtime Ball, to the secret clubs of London's Aristocracy, follow this sordid erotic tale of Elizabeth's journey of discovery and passion, and see just why they call her The Mistress of Pemberley.