Maggie Carpenter

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The Cowboy and the Girl in the Hot Pink Chaps

Dot Anderson is furious. Matt Montgomery, a cowboy she’s been crazy about since she was a skinny, awkward teenager, doesn’t remember her. She knows she’s changed. Her once mousey brown hair is now shimmering blonde, she’s developed a figure, and goes by the name Dusty, but she is still furious. Matt is completely bewildered. Having inherited his father’s saddle-making company, he is sponsoring a barrel-racing event in which she is competing. When he asks her out she explodes in fury. Puzzled by her outburst he pursues her, and in the process uncovers worrying questions involving her ownership of her precious champion gelding. If you enjoy cowboys and horses, suspense, intrigue, and steamy sex, you’ll love this thrills of this exciting roller coaster ride. Pick up your copy today.