Paula Houseman

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Odyssey in a Teacup: Inspiring Chick Lit (Book 1, Ruth Roth Series)

Here’s to close friends! God knows Ruth Roth needs them. In an era of lookin’-good families and little girls’ ‘yes-dear’ grooming, Ruth’s up-yours attitude makes her stand out like dog’s balls! Ruth is hard work for her mother, who harangues her at home, in her dreams and through her own eyes in the form of a bitchy mirror. When years of carping wear Ruth down and her wildness goes underground, her besties rally: hot-looking, obsessive-compulsive cousin and soul mate, Ralph; genteel, big-caboosed Vette; ballsy, big-mouthed Maxi. All lend support as Ruth embarks on an odyssey to retrieve her spirit. of them sends her spiralling back into hell, and she faces an apocalypse. Can she survive it knowing the decision she must make could launch the mother of all wars in her world?