Zane Menzy


Zane lives way down under on the west coast of New Zealand; the wet side. He is a fan of ghost stories, music, sport, ducklings and nights out that usually lead to his head hanging in a bucket the next morning.

He enjoys creating characters who have flaws, crazy thoughts and a tendency to make bad decisions. His stories range from steamy romantic adventures to inspirational romance.

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Curious Candy

Levi Candy, the poster boy for spoilt, self-centred brats, is on a twisted mission to seduce his straight best friend Josh Stephenson; a handsome, honest and all-round nice guy—unlike Levi who has plenty of dark secrets lurking beneath his gilded surface.

One of Levi’s secrets is his alter ego Candy Boy, a pseudonym he uses online to post raunchy pictures and dish the dirty details about all his steamy encounters. He cannot wait to give Josh the dubious honour of being the star of his next sexy story. But Levi has forgotten one thing… he isn’t the only person who knows how to play dirty.

Curious Candy is a twisty, trashy delight. It resides in a zone beyond love and sweetness, and is designed to titillate, tease, and push the characters past their breaking point.


The Collection

Best mates Callum and Garrick get together every Thursday for game night. They use this evening to catch up on the week’s events as they drink and play cards. Getting drunk and talking rubbish is always good fun, as is Garrick showing Callum the latest photographs of his kinky habit he calls The Collection.

Both men are more than a little competitive and hate losing. They also never back down from a bet. This stubborn attitude sees things get very interesting one particular evening when Callum loses a game of cards and as punishment has to clean Garrick's apartment… naked.

What unfolds is a battle of wills as Callum finds himself competing in a steamy game he never thought he would play.